Ngoc Vo is an instructional designer for eCore, University of West-Georgia. She graduated from a Master Program in Educational Technology at University of Missouri-Columbia in 2009, and a Doctoral Program in Architectural Studies at the same university in 2015.



Manage and coordinate educational projects

Provide educational technology consultations

Evaluate teaching and learning performance

Design illustrations for educational programs

Conduct usability testing

Fluent in Blackboard, Sakai, Moodle, Adobe Creative Suit, 3D max, Second Life etc.



2009 – 2015 Ph.D

University of Missouri-Columbia, Department of Architectural Studies

2007 – 2009 M.Ed

University of Missouri-Columbia

School of Information Science & Learning Technologies

2001 – 2005 M.A

Vietnam National University – Hanoi

College of Foreign Languages, English Department



2015: Quality Matter Peer Reviewer

2015: Project Management Certificate of Course Completion, Udemy

2008: Usability Certificate, Information Experience Lab, University of Missouri – Columbia

2008: University of Missouri IRB training



2015 – Current: Instructional Designer

eCore, University of West Georgia

2015: Creator of, The Flipped Learning Series Youtube Channel, and a course on on “Three Steps to use Flipped Learning in your Classes”

Provide instructional videos and consultations about Flipped Learning

2012 – 2014 Research Assistant & Educational Technology Support Specialist

University of Missouri-Columbia, Educational Technologies at Missouri

Assist faculty from various disciplines in using Blackboard courses

Design, implement, report Campus Technology Survey

2011 – 2012 Information Technology Consultant

University of Missouri-Columbia, Division of Information Technologies

Supervise computer labs on campus

Assist students and faculty about technologies at computer labs

2009 – 2011 Research Assistant

University of Missouri-Columbia, Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis

Maintain website

Plan and design marketing campaigns

Photograph events

2008 – 2009 Research Assistant & Usability Evaluator

University of Missouri-Columbia, The Information Experience Lab

Conduct usability studies for websites and e-learning systems

2006 – 2008 Research Assistant

University of Missouri-Columbia, The Vietnam Institute

Design and maintain website

Coordinate and provide supports for new students

Coordinate collaborative research activities

Represent the university in Vietnam

2005 – 2007 English language instructor

Vietnam National University



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