A Recipe for Team-based Learning in the Flipped Classrooms

As a teacher, you may have experienced many situations when facilitating student group work become a challenge or even a chaos.

Team-based Learning is a method that you can rely on to help you run student collaboration smoothly. By using the power of team, you can turn your students into responsible and accountable team members, who can contribute equally to the teamwork and make the learning experience more useful.

In Flipped Learning, Team-based Learning can benefit in both the video lecture section and the in-class learning activities section. As a teacher, you can create and adjust your own recipe of harnessing team power. Below are some of my suggestions that you can make use of:

  1. First of all, create an interactive assignment. Team-based method will not work if there is not a context for them to interact. In Flipped Learning, you can plan for your students to watch the lecture videos at home together or individually; and then plan for team discussion during the class time.
  2. Forming a team early is critical. Students need to get into the mind set of team work and be prepared to work in team throughout the whole lessons. Leaving the students to select their own team can be bias as students would only love to work with their best friends. Thus, randomly assign students to a team is the better strategy for diversity and equal team contribution.
  3. Help your student to mange the team. Ask the students to choose a leader, a secretary and provide you a list of responsibilities that each team member may cover.
  4. Offer immediate feedback. It is important because your immediate attention would help preventing issues to escalate. Be ready to get back to your students within 24 hours or even sooner. You can even assign some students in the class to be your second-line of consultants so that students can reach them immediately if they can not reach you yet.
  5. Bring in your secret ingredients. It can be a guest speak, a parent, an old student, a pet etc. It can be an activity such as an excursion, a game, a surprise, or a even a short session to show them how team works etc.

For more suggestion on how to use team-based learning in Flipped classroom, please watch this video

-Ngoc Vo-



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